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OWP Young Adult Literature Workshop


reading and writing with young adult literature



4:30-9:00 p.m.  Andrea Cheng author visit and forum.  Homework:  journal entry and YA book selection to start class on Saturday.


8:00-8:45  Introductions with favorite or recent young adult novel discussion; Share journal reflections on Andrea Cheng and Marika; Overview of day

8:45-9:30  Brief PowerPoint (judge a book by its cover) followed by writing exercise.

9:30-10:00 Read professional literature and generate topics for roundtable discussion.  Click here for articles.

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:30 Roundtable discussion about issues facing young adults today and issues in young adult literature and curriculum standards; Writing exercise #2.

11:30-12:00  Book talk by Lane librarian (Rebecca)

12:00-1:00  Lunch on your own.

1:00-1:30  Book Talk by Lane librarian (Ben)

1:30-2:00 Review of research databases and possibilities (sources on this website)

2:00-3:00 Individual research.  Use this time to research via the library stacks or the internet.  There are 5 computers reserved in the lab as well as other computers throughout the library.

3:00-4:00 Presentations (3-4 minutes each)