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OWP Young Adult Literature Workshop

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Susie will work with her 6th grade students and a 2nd grade teacher in
her building. Barb will work with her 2nd graders and a fifth grade class in her
school. The theme of this collaboration will be helping children understand,
cope with, and act accordingly with issues of bullying. First the younger
children will go to the older children's classroom over a period of about one
month and the older children will take turns reading aloud the young adult book:
LOSER by Jerry Spinelli. They will read for about 20 minutes, discuss for 5
minutes, and then journal in their writers' notebooks responding to the book.
Then, after this month long activity, the second graders will share a picture
book with the sixth/fifth grade partner based on the bullying theme. They will
read this book aloud to their older peer. The children will make posters with
original drawings around the theme of anti-bullying as a culminating activity to
post around the school.