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OWP Young Adult Literature Workshop

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Helpful Links

homepage for Marika author Andrea Cheng.

Scroll down for a video link of local students discussing the book Marika with the author, Andrea Cheng and asking her questions about how she became an author and how she approaches her writing.

Click on OTSP for Teachers for chapter by chapter prereading questions, comprehension questions, and discussion questions for Marika.

Hear audio clips from Dvorak.

Book lists and book awards from the Young Adult Library Services Association.

Lane Public Library book reviews.

Biographical and critical information and lesson plans for young adult literature (listed by author). 

ALA best books for young adults.

Author information, book reviews, book clubs, newsletter, magazine, and more.

This database is available for free until March 15 courtesy of vendor preview.

This database is available for free until March 15 courtesy of vendor preview.

The information network for Ohio schools.

An e-zine for teens sponsored by the Cincinnati Public Library.

YALSA selects 10 adult books a year that will appeal to teens.

YALSA quick picks for reluctant readers.

Teen Ink is a monthly print magazine, website, and a book series all written by teens for teens.

Browse by author, manga, social issues, etc... 

Tips for booktalking.

Internet Public Library--reading and writing

This site offers suggested titles and teaching activities.

A website reviewing graphic novels for teens.

Ohio Academic Contents and Standards (PDF document)

Ohio Benchmarks and Indicators by Grade Level (Word document)

Ohio Benchmarks and Indicators by Standards (Word document)

Email me with any helpful links that could be added.