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OWP Young Adult Literature Workshop

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Book Club / Author Study

Book Clubs/Author Study using Kate DiCamillo novels.  I personally love Kate DiCamillos novel.  My students always enjoy and recommend her novels to each other.  My goal was to find similar elements that show up in all of her novels
to use as discussion points connecting the novels.

Because of Winn-Dixie
The Tiger Rising
The Tale of Depereaux

Discussion Points

Parent/Child Relationships- The relationship of the main character and his or her parent is a focal point in all of DiCamillos novels.  As my students read their novels, I would have them chart this relationship.  My students would look for quotes and passages in their novels that show how this relationship changes through the novel.

The role of animals- Students will discuss and analyze the role an animal has in the resolution of each novel.

 Forgiveness and acceptance- Students will give examples of how these themes are presented in each novel.  Students will debate this theme in the novel and compare and contrast different ways the theme is presented in each novel.

I hope is that my students will gain an awareness an authors voice and craft.  I want my students to think critically about why they enjoy reading the works of
certain authors.  What is it about the authors craft that they enjoy?  After we complete this book club,  I would like my students to look at their favorite authors and books, and try to find similar elements that connect their reading choices.