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OWP Young Adult Literature Workshop

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YA Lit and OGT Prep

General Introduction:
This project is to help High School students become better able to answer 2 & 4 pt questions on the OGT. Students on the OGT will need to be highly proficient in this task in
order to pass every area of the OGT.   Finding a fun, engaging and different way to present the same material for complete absorption is critical.
The 2 & 4 pt questions should be treated the same whether being answered in the Science, Social Studies, Math, Reading or Writing or Grammar section.

To let the students use all of their senses or multiple intelligences.
To become proficient at 2 & 4 pt question.
To let the students learn through fun!

Through Picture books, stories, excerpts or quotes the students will answer 2 or 4 pt questions.  This activity could take approximately 10 - 15 minutes or an entire
class period.
Teacher will have questions on a small piece of paper.
Teacher will cut the questions in half.
When the story is done being read or studied, the teacher will take the basket, with the questions in them, and allow each student to quickly put their hand into the basket & select one card. This will give each student of a question
The student is then to go around the room to find the person with the other of their question.
When the question is finally put together, correctly, the 2 students will answer the question on ONE piece of paper.
The teacher will collect the papers for a grade or credit
The teacher will have the option of having the students read and answer all the questions before collection them.

Material Needed:
Short stories & / or Picture books
Laminated cards with the 2 & 4 pt questions on them
Scrap paper for the answers (each group needs one piece of paper)

The teacher can give the students a couple of minutes to correct their answer after the class has listened to a few or all of the questions.
The teacher can divide the questions up many ways so that each student has a different partner each time.

1. Left side of the room gets the front of the question & the right side of the room gets the back of the question.
2. Girls get the front, while the boys get the back of the question.
3. Every other person in the row pulls from a different basket.
The teacher can use this method as a quick quiz as a review before class begins or as an entire days work.
The questions can deal with characters, settings, themes, plots, metaphors, similes, personification, etc., basically whatever you are studying can be turned into this activity.

Sample questions:
1. Name 2 characters from the story and give a description of them. Cite if possible. (4 pt.)
2. Name 2 settings from the story and give a description of each. Cite if possible.  (4 pt.)
3. What one theme would you say you could get from this story and why? (2 pt.)
4. Foreshadowing is an interracial part of some stories.  Cite the foreshadowing and state what it is alluding to. (2 pt.)
5. Cite one metaphor and explain what it means. (2 pt.)
6. Cite one simile and explain what is means. (2 pt.)

Examples of questions for teaching Shakespeares Julius Caesar, Act I.
1. Marullus and Favius are angry with the celebrating commoners.  Tell why they are angry and what they do to the crowd. (2 pt)
2. In Act One, what superstitious warning does Caesar ignore?  State the warning and state what Caesars response to it was. (2 pt)
3. Caesar thinks that Cassius might be dangerous.  State two ways Caesar says that he could be dangerous. (2 pt)
4. "Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look, He thinks too much; such men are dangerous." Who says this and what does it mean? (2 pt)
5. Who crossed the Rubicon and why was that an important event? (2 pt)
6. Who was Sulla and what did he die from? (2 pt)
7. Who did Pompey go to fight and why did he go? (2 pt)
8. Sulla ordered Caesar to be killed.  Who let him go and why? (2 pt)