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OWP Young Adult Literature Workshop

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Lemon Sisters

I will read a book called The Lemon Sisters by Andrea Cheng.  The story
is about an 80 year old lady  who sees 3 girls playing outside in the snow. 
They are making snow oatmeal which reminds the old lady about her and her two
sisters making lemon ice together.   She opens the window, calls the kids over,
and teaches them to make lemon ice.  Later that day, her two sisters appear at
the door to celebrate her 80th birthday party.  I will do the following
activities with this book.

1.  Do a directional writing on how to make lemon ice and concentrate on time
order words.

2  Once the directional writing is complete, actually make lemon ice and see if
the directions that we wrote are clear.

3.  Write a friendly letter to a grandparent  or an older adult.

4.  Do a journal writing about a fun time you had playing in the snow.