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OWP Young Adult Literature Workshop

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Project Assignment

During the course of the day on Saturday, February 25, each participant will develop a project, (i.e., an idea/lesson/concept related to YA Lit and your particular goals).  Presentations, which are scheduled for the end of the day, should include the following:

1.  A general introduction to the project.

2.  A plan detailing how your  project can be implemented in your school, classroom, personal life, etc . . .

3.  A review of resources that will be needed to implement your project.

4.  If your project is for the Language Arts classroom (or other discipline) an explanation of how the project ties in with current Ohio standards, benchmarks, indicators.

5.  If possible, a recommendation about how this particular project might be adapted for other classrooms or activities.

6.  Submit a description of your project so that it can be posted on this site.